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1. The Caps for my HDX shelving do not fit on the top of my shelf.
The common cause for this is that the posts/legs have been inserted the wrong direction. Make sure post or “legs” are assembled with tapered (or smaller end) facing down toward the floor as the shelf is being assembled.
2. I don’t think I received the left (or the right) door panel or side panel.
All of our cabinet doors and panels are universal. All you need to do is to simply turn one of them “upside down” and it becomes the right (or the left). We suggest laying all parts as shown in our directions prior to assembling.
3. The back panels to my cabinet are missing.
The common cause for this is that they are stuck tightly together. The panels can be pressed together in packaging to appear as if they are not all there. Please make sure you have them all separated.
4. Can I make my HDX 5 Level Shelf into a 2 level, 3 level or 4 level shelving unit?
Yes. You will need to purchase extra feet and caps or legs. Spare parts (feet and caps and post) can be purchased separately on the website at
5. Can I purchase additional shelves for my HDX Cabinet?
Yes, for the Tall Cabinet with Drawer, the shelves are adjustable and you can purchase additional parts on the website, On the 25” Tall, Base and Wall Cabinets the shelves are not adjustable..
6. Can I use my HDX Cabinets outdoors?
Our HDX Cabinets are designed for indoor use. They are not designed to be water proof. They also do not contain UV protection in the resin as you would see in our outdoor sheds.
7. Is there a warranty on my product?
Our HDX products have a two year warranty.
8. Is my product recyclable? –
Yes – they are in the category of Plastic #5 Polypropylene, which is considered safe and is accepted by recycling programs.
9. What is my product made of?
Polypropylene Plastic.
10. If I have any assembly questions, are there any assembly videos available?
Yes, there are assembly videos for our HDX Cabinets and Shelving on the website.